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User Experience: The Goals!

Goals of User Experience

User Experience or “UX”

This is the overall experience a user, customer, or audience member has with a product, service, or event.

Goal 1: Give me what I need

Made with a mission. A product should meet the functional desires of users first. UX works with people by studying their habits and goals, identifying needs and constraints, and aligning with existing behaviours to create solutions that solve real problems.

Goal 2:
Please don’t make me think

Ease of use remains essential. How easy the finished product is to use by its intended users. Design is frequently a battle between seeking to deliver powerful functionality and trying to deliver ease of use.

Goal 3:
Keep me happy

Your users are your visitors. When you create a user experience that is easy, pleasant and natural for users to be able to achieve a given task, the user will be satisfied and will do it again.


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