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Importance of Consistency in Web Design

Importance of Consistency in Web Design

If the site is inconsistent it slows the visitor down, causing them to lose interest and go elsewhere.


What makes a website consistent?

  • Does the website use the same colours throughout the  website?
  • Is there consistent vertical and horizontal spacing between elements in the layout?
  • Are website headings consistent throughout the site?
  • Do you consistently show navigation menus in the same place throughout the website?
  • Are the website icons of the same family?
  • Do form elements (text inputs, select lists, submit buttons etc) look the same throughout the website?

A sense of identity.

Using a consistent style of fonts, elements, sticking to a writing style and keeping to a colour palette will help to build an identity.

People respond more positively to a sense of harmony. In the example of a company website, people will be more willing to trust the company as an established business if their website feels organised.

Ease of Understanding.

If the navigation differs from page to page, people are more likely to get lost and frustrated.

Any function or UX that a site has more than one of, should work the same way to reduce leaning time. The faster and easier a user can get through to the goal of the site the better the conversion will be.

Good communication of information.

If information is randomly plotted around a website, users may not find what they’re looking for. Also, take care with the use of bold writing or italics.

This will quickly pull people to particular types of information and this information needs to all be of the same level of importance in order for the webpage to feel consistent.


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