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Do web designers need to know how to write copy?

Copywriting is a very important part of any website and deserves attention. Like web design, too much, out of place, out of context can ruin a website.

Many people think making money online is as easy and launching their site with a bit of content and then waiting for the dough to just roll on in. Unfortunately, we all know deep down that the only foolproof way to produce something good is to be passionate about it.

In that way copywriting and design goes hand-in-hand.

If working with each other, copy and design can elevate a website to the greatest heights of ease of use goal-oriented design. As a designer spending many hours creating a perfect design perfect design, understanding that using the right tone of copy is essential, for example: If you’re creating prestigious lawyer firm’s website your copy needs to reflect that as opposed to a pre-school website.

How to get started

Focus on three main features:

  • Talk about benefits to your customers not feature that you offer.
  • Use your unique selling position (USP) to your advantage.
  • Focus on customers point of view.

An example of how these things came together is Apple after Steve Jobs came back from working at Pixar.

Pre Pixar the Apple website boasted about they are incredible specs they had a new machine. This was how every other company computers. It was very techy and nerdy not a very approachable at all for your average consumer.

After Jobs came back from Pixar, the way Apple “spoke” was completely different. Say now understood that customers that most people didn’t give a crap about High-end specs, they just wanted to know what they could do with it and who it was for.

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