What to Do When Your Website Is Down?

Frequently Asked Questions:

Remember, we’re here to help! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any concerns or need assistance.

Why is my website down?

There could be several reasons for a website going down, such as server issues, domain name expiration, or high traffic. We’ll help you identify the cause as soon as we’re available.

What should I do first?

Don’t panic! Check if the issue is happening only on your device or network by trying to access your website from a different device and network. You can also use a website like https://www.isitdownrightnow.com/ to verify if it’s down for everyone.

How can I get in touch with you?

During weekends, we monitor our emails for any urgent issues. However, if you contact us later than ~ 8 pm GMT, we may not be available until the next day. Send us an email explaining the situation, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Email us with the subject Starting with “Urgent – ” to [email protected] (this is our group inbox).

What information should I provide to help fix the issue quickly?

When contacting us or your hosting company, provide as much detail as possible, including:

  • The exact time the issue began
  • Any error messages you’ve encountered
  • Steps you’ve already taken to try to resolve the issue
  • Any recent changes or updates made to the website

Can I fix the issue myself?

It’s a good idea to contact your hosting company, as they might be able to provide immediate assistance or give you more information about the issue. Make sure to have your account details ready when you get in touch with them. Particularly when we’re asleep, your hosting company would be the best people to contact for a quick resolution.

If you are on WP Engine there customer support is extremely good at sorting issues quickly, which is a big part of why we recommend them.

How long does it usually take to get my website back up?

The time it takes to resolve website issues depends on the underlying problem. Once we’re aware of the issue, we’ll work as quickly as possible to get your website back online.