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Comprehensive health checks

Our goal is to provide you with an easy-to-use service that allows you to focus on what matters most
– running your business.

Checks and tests
Check all your frontend styles and functions, Optimise each page, along with content and images. We’ll also test important functional items such as payments and forms.

Full site scan
Run a full site scan: Check for broken links, Monitor website traffic, Record user interaction.

Search engine optimisation
Utilising the latest tools we’ll identify any issues that Google has found and determine which keywords are currently indexing the site.

Who are we

When you need help getting started with your new site, customer support is everything. Two Hours Sleep’s team of expert WordPress developers work as an extension of you company and are dedicated to helping you succeed.
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Phil Marr

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Project Manager

Vicky Holliday

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Phil York

What you’ll get

Full report of issues, fixes and test.

Bespoke report

The report will cover everything you’ll need to know about your website. Broken down into sections the website report will show errors, health, SEO best practices, what is good and suggestions on improvements.

Website heath

This will give a clear indication of website health. Showing information such as PHP version, server and database config.
All plugins will be updated.

Function checks

Full website functionality testing, including:

  • Form submissions
  • Mail subscriber forms
  • Membership signup
  • Social media feeds

All errors will be corrected and fixed.

Style checks

Desktop and mobile styles will be checked and fixed. If a design is available we will work off the design, giving pixel perfect fixes.


Product purchase testing, including digital, variable and virtual products. All payment gateways will tested.
Product flow will be evaluated, ensuring the user experience is working. From the product page through to “Add to Cart” , Cart page, Checkout page and Thank you page.

Backend (Server side)

The website sever will be checked, ensuring this is optimised for your website.  Updates will be made, including PHP version.

Website speed

Website speed check on all pages. Using specific tools we can see what maybe slowing your website down. Then make tweaks to ensure your website is running at the optimal speed.

Links & 404 errors

Checking for any bad or broken links and fixing. Ensuring the website is being indexed by search engines.


Search engines like Google read this file to crawl your site more efficiently, we ensure the sitemap submitted and is returning the most effective results.

Best practices (code & SEO)

Backend code will be checked to ensure best code practice is being used. This will also include that the best SEO practices are being implemented.


Find any security weaknesses in the website. Full website backup and malware scan. Remove any spam comments from pages and posts.

Setups (social media & SEO)

The installation of social media tracking codes, ensuring you’re getting the most out of all platforms. Google Analytic’s and Google Console setup and install. Allowing tracking of website visitors and clicks. This is an important and valuable tool!


A list of recommendations will be provided. These may include specialist services, style changes, product flows/funnels, plugins, code changes.

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Price £600. Now only £400 investment for your peace of mind!

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