Web Development | 9th August 2023

Good News, WordPress Users: PHP 8.2 is Here!

Dive into Mixed Reality: Where Real Meets Virtual!

Ever imagined a world where the real and virtual blend seamlessly? Welcome to Mixed Reality (MR)! Think of it as a magical mix of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). With MR, you can play with virtual things while still being in your living room or office. It’s like having one foot in a video game and the other in the real world!

For the creative minds in design and engineering, MR is like a dream come true. They can play around with 3D designs as if they’re real objects! Teachers can use MR to make lessons super fun and interactive. And guess what? Even doctors can use it for training and to give better care to patients.

And if you’re into games or movies, MR is going to be your new best friend. As this tech gets even better, we’re in for some truly amazing experiences.

In short, Mixed Reality is like a magical bridge between our world and the digital one. It’s changing the way we work, learn, and have fun. The future is looking exciting!

Good News, WordPress Users: PHP 8.2 is Here!

For those who might be wondering, PHP is like the engine that powers WordPress. And guess what? A newer, faster version, PHP 8.2, is now available!

What’s new? Well, it’s faster, simpler, and even safer. But, there’s a tiny challenge for our developer friends: a new feature called “readonly classes.” But don’t worry, they’ve got this!

Staying Updated with WordPress and PHP

WordPress is like that old friend who never forgets. It remembers and works well with older versions of PHP. But, it’s always good to keep up with the times. Just like how some apps work best with the latest phone updates, WordPress works best with newer PHP versions.

For the tech-savvy: WooCommerce, a popular tool on WordPress, needs at least PHP 7.4. But WordPress itself is more flexible. However, using very old versions might make your site less secure.

A quick peek at the numbers: Only a small fraction of WordPress sites use the really old PHP versions. Most (a whopping 56.7%) are using PHP 7.4. So, it’s always a good idea to stay updated and keep your site running smoothly!