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Two Hours Sleep Projects

We have set up close links with multiple design agencies such as Night Owls, Two Player, Skye High Interactive & Stairs Media. We also have connections with many freelance web developers, web designers, illustrators and photographers. This allows us to be more flexible and find the right people that fit your project. But don’t worry we still manage everything for you.

Projects with: Night Owls

As a small agency focused on craftsmanship, we have to be experts in more than one area, but not jacks of all-trades. Luckily, since we have no managers, we were able to attract a few of the baddest designers and developers in the New York city.

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Projects with: Skye High Interactive

I'm Becca, director of Skye High Interactive. I focus on female entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to stand out in the marketplace and grow their brands with beautiful graphics that make an impact. Simply put, I make websites and create brand identities that showcase the best possible you.

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