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Alison Turner

Client Background:

Alison Turner is a distinguished real estate expert in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. When tasked with developing her website, we focused on capturing her two-decade expertise and her unique blend of legal and real estate acumen. Our goal was to create a platform that not only showcased her vast knowledge of communities like Bel Air, Brentwood, and Beverly Hills but also highlighted her reputation as a protector, savvy negotiator, and trusted consultant. The website was designed to reflect Alison’s commitment to unparalleled service, ensuring that both buyers and sellers could easily navigate and connect with her expertise.

Design & Project Management:

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Dynamic video hero

Recognizing the evolving digital landscape and the importance of immersive experiences, we’ve crafted a dynamic video hero for Alison Turner and her website. This feature is not just a visual treat but a strategic tool designed to spotlight the newest and most enticing properties on the market.

Crafted animations

For the Alison Turner Real Estate website, we meticulously crafted animations and interactive elements to enhance the user experience, especially for mobile users. Recognizing the growing trend of property searches commencing on mobile devices, we prioritized delivering a seamless mobile experience. By fine-tuning property images to be vivid and engaging on mobile displays, we ensured that every detail was prominent and captivating, regardless of the device’s size. Furthermore, all images were optimized for rapid loading, facilitating a fluid and efficient property browsing experience. This attention to detail not only elevated the visual appeal of the website but also streamlined property viewing for mobile users.

Mobile Development:

For Alison Turner’s project, we prioritized a mobile-responsive design, ensuring that users can access her content on any device. This approach enhances the user experience, making her offerings accessible to a broader audience.


We incorporated subtle animations into Alison’s site, adding a dynamic and engaging visual appeal. These animations resonate with her brand, providing an interactive and immersive experience for her clients.

Streamlined Property Viewing for Mobile Users

As the digital landscape rapidly evolves, user interactions with online content have transformed. We recognised that a substantial number of property searches begin on mobile devices and ensured that the Alison Turner Real Estate website delivers an uninterrupted mobile experience for its visitors.

We fine-tuned the property images for mobile displays, ensuring each detail stands out, crisp and engaging, irrespective of the device’s dimensions and optimised all images for swift loading, allowing for a smooth and efficient property browsing experience.

Easy Editing:

Our unique DreamEditor tool made content editing a breeze for Alison. This user-friendly feature turns content management into an intuitive process, empowering her to maintain the site without technical hurdles.

Custom WordPress Development:

We tailored a custom WordPress solution for Alison Turner, aligning with her specific needs and vision. This personalized approach ensures that the site reflects her brand and unique offerings.

Speed and Accessibility:

Recognizing the importance of a fast and accessible website, we optimized Alison’s site for speed, ensuring quick load times. Additionally, we adhered to accessibility standards, making her services available to all users, regardless of any disabilities.