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Client Background:

At Two Hours Sleep, we had the privilege of partnering with Living Loudly, a passionate venture founded by Shannon and Gonzalo. Their mission resonated deeply with us: to bridge the gap between quality children’s apparel and fostering meaningful parent-child connections. They envisioned a platform that not only showcased their bamboo-infused tees, which are as soft as a baby’s blanket, but also a space to host their transformative Parent Workshops. These workshops, backed by a team of experts, address pressing issues parents face today, from body positivity post-childbirth to navigating parental guilt. Our challenge was to encapsulate this dual essence of premium products and community support into a seamless WordPress experience. Leveraging the brand’s ethos, we crafted a site that’s both functional and evocative, ensuring that every visitor feels the heart and soul of Living Loudly.

Design & Project Management:

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Living Loudly: Crafting a Digital Experience with Two Hours Sleep

At Two Hours Sleep, we’re passionate about creating bespoke web solutions that align with our clients’ visions. For Living Loudly, we embarked on a mission to design a Shopify website that would not only resonate with their brand but also offer an unparalleled user experience.


Mobile Development:

In the digital age, a mobile-responsive website is non-negotiable. We ensured that Living Loudly’s site is optimized for all devices, guaranteeing a seamless experience for their audience, whether they’re on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop.


To infuse Living Loudly’s brand with vibrancy, we integrated captivating animations. These elements not only elevate user engagement but also add a dynamic flair to the site, making every visit a memorable one.

Content Management:

Leveraging Shopify’s robust platform, we equipped Living Loudly with an intuitive content management system. This empowers them to manage, update, and publish content with ease, ensuring their site remains current and engaging.

Easy Editing:

With Shopify’s user-friendly interface, Living Loudly can effortlessly make real-time edits, ensuring their content is always fresh and relevant to their audience.

Custom Shopify Development:

Every brand is unique, and so should be its digital presence. Through custom Shopify development, we’ve created a site for Living Loudly that’s not just functional but also a true reflection of their brand ethos.

Speed & Accessibility:

Performance is key. We’ve optimized Living Loudly’s website for speed, ensuring swift load times and smooth user journeys. Additionally, we’ve made accessibility a priority, ensuring the site is user-friendly for everyone, irrespective of any disabilities.

Additional Features:

Beyond the foundational development components, we’ve also integrated essential web development practices such as SEO optimization, security measures, and third-party app integrations. This ensures Living Loudly’s website is not just aesthetically pleasing but also robust and efficient.

In wrapping up, our collaboration with Living Loudly stands as a testament to our expertise in harnessing the power of Shopify, blending custom solutions with platform-specific functionalities. Reach out to Two Hours Sleep today, and let’s embark on your digital transformation journey.