Membership Websites

Our clients

We made our own plugin!

In collaboration with our colleagues at Skye High Interactive, we have crafted an intuitive WordPress Course Portal plugin. This versatile front-end allows you to effortlessly create and sell your secured content on WordPress. With a straightforward install on any WordPress site, this plugin can accommodate one or multiple courses. Your purchase includes an API Key for the download and tutorial videos to guide you through the process.

Valuable & scalable

Are you looking to market your expertise and provide your customers with the best possible value?

  • Create a tribe of raving followers
  • Build yourself as a specialist in your field
  • Consistently interact with members
  • Sell higher-end coaching or consulting course
  • Save time to concentrate on what you do best
  • A predictable monthly revenue that’s endlessly scalable

Recurring revenue

We create elegant, intuitive and modernised membership websites combined to robust marketing tools to assist you in attracting new and engaging with members – providing them with an experience they love and want to scream about. An individual & professional membership website design with a brand character that’s aligned with your vision.


As you build and develop, you’ll want to evolve and enhance your membership website. All our sites are developed using WordPress as a scalable enterprise machine. A membership website can be a huge project – let us lead and support you throughout your campaign. We’re invested in your success and the excellence of our work. 

Your customers are your business, and how you approach them is a personal representation of the kind of company you want to run. Whatever way you use, concentrate on providing customers more loyal service and help through your recurring income stream than you can without it.

Additional Services

Don’t underestimate add-ons, they can add great value to your website
when done in the right way.


Animations can help support a story in a more visual, understanding and compelling way.

Quiz Builder

Personalized recommendations can increase sales, and quizzes are the quick and easy way to personalize the online experience for your customers.

Sales Pages

A sales page is designed with one purpose in mind: to convert. As always, fully editable built with our values for full Bespoke WordPress Development.


Any specific requests? We’ll try and accommodate for your needs in order to deliver the best product we can for you.