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Every brand is unique, so we don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our custom-designed websites are crafted from the ground up to enhance your brand’s digital presence, offering a seamless experience for your guests.

We build websites with your desired outcomes at the forefront.

Continuous Innovation

The digital world changes every day. What works today might not work tomorrow. That’s why we’re always learning and trying out new things. We spend a lot of time and effort to make sure we use the best and newest ways to build things for our clients. This helps us make sure the websites and apps we make are not just good for today but will also be great in the future.

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Functionality, speed and usability; our web development service has an eye on the now and one on tomorrow. Whether you want to develop a perfect new website from scratch or have a website already up and operating and require supplementary functionality, we have the means you need to meet your potential online.

Content Management System

A Content Management System, otherwise known as a CMS, is a platform that allows you to organise and save digital content. Currently, its principal application is to create websites, and WordPress remains by far the most recommended choice.

With every website we build, we integrate a content management system that allows you to control changes, upload content and even add new pages without the need to hire a developer to maintain your site. We build with you in mind.

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“They are responsive and worked with you to deliver optimal solutions.”

We collaborate with Two Hours Sleep for the development portion of our custom website projects. Our main goals are to have them build a website based off our designs and add in the ideal functionality to bring this site to feel and be next level. Two Hours Sleep successfully developed a functional website. As a result, the end clients were delighted with the outcome of the platform. They were communicative and responsive in the workflow. Their development skills were critical in the project’s success.

Owner, Rachelpesso.com
Rachel Pesso
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“They were people who can critically think and suggest better ways of doing things.”

We partnered with Two Hours Sleep as a primary go-to web development agency. We look for not only one-to-one development results from our designs but also ways to improve functionality, good communication, and effective problem-solving skills. Our clients are always thrilled when they receive their launched website.

Chief Creative Officer, TwoPlayer
Tiffany Zhang
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Customer service is wonderful!

Two Hours Sleep work is top notch and their customer service is wonderful. I have really appreciated how accommodating they have been with all of our requests!
Alyssa Glaser
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Two Hours Sleep is superb when it comes to website design and development!

The process of developing my website with their team was seamless, collaborative, and the outcome is beyond what I could have imagined at the start. I’m confident that you won’t find a better company for whatever website development you have in mind. They are simply the best!

Psychologist, author, consultant, meditation practitioner

Gia Marson
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Most productive relationship I’ve had

Two Hours Sleep have just completed the redesign of a major membership site, and while on the surface it’s a simple website, the complexities of the back-end, and all the communication tools used to talk to the members, makes it a complex and highly efficient site to maintain. I find working with Phil and his experience team one of the most productive relationship I’ve had with such firms in many years, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Managing Director | John Holland Consultants, Inc. USA

Simon Steel

Introducing DreamEditor!

Your new frontier in front-end website editing! We’ve created an intuitive, dynamic tool that transforms how you manage your WordPress site.

DreamEditor is a powerful and innovative editing tool

Designed for administrators who demand efficiency and flexibility. Say goodbye to complicated processes and hello to the future of website design. DreamEditor makes it easy for you to modify text and images directly on your pages.

With DreamEditor, you can update your website in real-time while logged in as an admin. It’s a breeze to use, and so much fun that you might even forget that you’re working. Make on-the-spot changes and see them come to life instantly. It’s as simple as clicking on the element you want to change, updating it, and voila – your website is refreshed and updated.

We’ve engineered it to be intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient.

Our aim is to make website editing not just a task, but an exciting part of your creative process.

DreamEditor is designed to save you time. No longer do you need to switch between different tabs or platforms, or wait for changes to load. Every second counts in today’s fast-paced digital world, and with DreamEditor, you get to make the most of every moment.

Say goodbye to hassle, and hello to streamlined, seamless editing.