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The Benefits Of Web Development With WordPress‏

A large fraction of the websites of the world’s leading brands are powered by WordPress. But with the sheer variety of options available today – from custom building an HTML page from scratch to using a service like Wix – Why should you use WordPress for your website?‏

‏Let’s find out.‏

‏It is Extremely User Friendly‏

‏The biggest problem with custom building your own website using HTML is that it ends up being an overly technical mess. Every time you want to make any changes, it must go through a team of engineers who can translate it into code. And that is before going into the time and money that must be invested before the website even becomes operational.‏

‏In WordPress, however, you can get your website up and running in just minutes. Modifications are quite easy too, thanks to its intuitive dashboard that allows an admin to control every aspect of their site.‏


‏Wordpress is SEO Ready‏

‏These days it is not enough to simply have a website. In order to be actually noticed by your customers, you also need to invest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Without proper SEO, your website will fail to rank highly in Google’s search results.‏

‏This is where WordPress comes in.‏

‏By default, the code for any webpage created using WP is structured in a search engine friendly format. In addition, the constantly updating nature of WordPress sites along with the vast plethora of SEO plugins and tools available means that WP sites tend to rank high on Google search results without too much effort.‏

‏You Retain Control‏

‏You must be thinking, ‘Well, services like Wix offer the same features, don’t they? What is the point of using WordPress over Wix?’‏

‏One word. Control.‏

‏Most site builder services take over the creative aspects of your website entirely. It will be made to your specifications, sure, but that is all the agency you will have.‏

‏In WordPress, though, you can control your website completely. Be it changing the way it looks to inserting your own custom HTML code (if you know what you are doing), you can do it all without a hitch.‏

‏Social Media Integration is a Breeze‏

‏In this age of viral marketing, integrating your website with social media is a must. Unlike a custom webpage where connecting your social media accounts with your website can be a very involved process, WordPress makes this quite easy.‏

‏All you need to do is to link your social media accounts one by one (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc), and WP will take care of the rest.‏

‏Responsive Design From the Get-Go‏

‏A majority of users browsing the web these days do so on their mobile phones. As such, it becomes crucial to ensure that your site is built with responsive design in mind. While normally this involves crafting separate pages for different types of devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers all have different screen sizes), in WP this is not required.‏

‏Wordpress themes implement responsive design automatically, making your site look good no matter the device it is viewed on.‏

‏Customize Your Site With Powerful Plugins‏

‏By far the biggest advantage of going with WordPress – and the reason why most people choose it – is the wealth of plugins available.‏

‏Whatever feature you need, be it something as simple as a video gallery or a more complex one like a Facebook Fan Box, you can find a plugin for it. Plugins can be installed very easily without any technical knowledge whatsoever, allowing you to extend the capabilities of your website with a few clicks.

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