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What is the Halo effect? – The Psychology of Design (7/7)

The Halo Effect is a cognitive bias where one attribute of someone/something affects how you think about other, unrelated attributes. 

Putting attractiveness to good Use. Marketers have been utilising the Halo Effect for a long time, whether consciously or not. Everybody knows that by connecting a product with something (or someone) attractive or popular, they will boost the perceived value of the product as well.

What’s beautiful has nothing to do with what is good. But we still conflate overall judgment and personal attributes. Shaping our judgement of things less reliable than we believe.

In web design:

The Halo effect influences many things and user interfaces are no different. If the interface has more aspects to love than hate and if these aspects are viewed first or are critical for users, then they are more likely to judge the interface as the whole, favourably. 

On the other hand, if users have an especially bad experience with the interface to start with. They’ll think that they’ll have the same bad experience in the future. The halo effect works in both positive and negative directions. Users don’t progress through a logical-reasoning process.

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