The Business of making websites | 8th July 2020

Web Wisdom: The Three Pillars Before Launching Your Website

Imagine diving into the digital ocean without a map. That’s what building a website without a solid foundation feels like. In this era, where nearly 60% of the human population lives online, not having a website is like owning a store in a ghost town. But, haste makes waste, especially when it involves crafting your digital home. Before you jump on the website bandwagon, let’s anchor down the three essentials that ensure your online venture doesn’t just float but sails majestically.

1. The Power of Words: Crafting Your Website Copy

Your website isn’t just another drop in the digital ocean. It’s your digital handshake, your storefront window, your first “Hello!” to the world. This is where the magic of words comes into play. The right words can turn a passerby into a guest, and a guest into a loyal friend. Your website copy is your voice in the vast silence of the internet. It needs to be clear, compelling, and concise, answering the what, why, and how that every visitor has in mind.

Remember, good website copy does two things incredibly well:

  • It magnetically attracts the right visitors, turning the curious into the committed.
  • It transforms these visitors into leads, and these leads into loyal customers.

2. A Picture Paints a Thousand Clicks: Web Design and Photography

In the digital realm, your website’s design and the images you choose are your decor and your ambiance. They tell your story at a glance and can captivate your visitors, making them want to explore every corner of your digital space. High-quality images not only beautify your site but also serve as silent storytellers, making content more digestible and memorable. With today’s lightning-fast internet speeds, there’s no excuse for not dressing your website to impress.

Studies reveal that content paired with striking images can increase engagement dramatically, making visitors 80% more likely to read and 64% more likely to remember. Beyond aesthetics, great visuals also give your SEO a hearty boost, as search engines favor websites that offer engaging, valuable content.

3. Steering the Ship: The Importance of Project Management

Building a website, whether it’s a cozy digital nook or a sprawling online marketplace, is a voyage that requires a skilled captain at the helm. Decisions on design, photography, and content shouldn’t fall into the lap of IT but be guided by marketing – the navigators who chart the course based on the stars (your audience’s preferences and behaviors).

While IT plays the critical role of rigging the sails and keeping the ship steady, marketing points towards the horizon, ensuring that every element from the homepage to the contact page resonates with your audience. Effective project management is the compass that keeps your website’s development on course, ensuring that your digital presence is not just built, but crafted with intention.

In Conclusion: Navigating Towards Success

Like any grand expedition, the journey to launching a successful website is all about preparation. Understanding the significance of your website’s copy, the impact of visuals, and the importance of steering the project with a keen eye can make the difference between drifting in the digital doldrums and cruising in the fast lane.

Before you set sail in the vast digital sea, take a moment to chart your course. A well-planned voyage not only reaches its destination but also discovers new worlds along the way. Remember, in the digital age, your website is more than just a space; it’s your flagship, your beacon, and your most powerful tool for connection.

“Set your website’s course with clarity, captivate with stunning visuals, and steer with strategic foresight. In the digital voyage, these are your keys to undiscovered territories and uncharted successes.”