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3 Essential Things You Need To Figure Out Before Having A Website Built

Not having a website at a time when around 59 per cent of humanity regularly use the internet could be compared to the business equivalent of suicide. On the other hand, paying a lot of money to have a website developed before you have figured out the most important basics could prove to be a really bad investment.

Let us briefly look at the 3 most important things you have to give serious consideration to before having a website built.

Why website copy is so important

Your business website should not be just another “digital brochure”. Very often it will be a prospective customer’s first encounter with your business (and with you). In the ever-expanding internet and digital marketing age your website has become what your storefront used to be 30 years ago. When a newcomer arrives, you have what might be only a few seconds to tell him or her what your business is about, why you can be trusted, and why they should choose you and not the next one on the list.

If your website copy is not clear on these core issues, if it doesn’t give specific information without unnecessary adjectives and adverbs, you will most likely lose the visitor’s attention very quickly. And there goes what could have been a loyal long-term customer.

Good website copy will:

 Consistently attract the right type of visitors to your website

 These visitors will consistently convert into leads and a significant percentage of those will convert into new clients

Web design and photography

While your website structure should be of such a nature that people can quickly and easily find the information they are looking for, photography has in recent years started to play an increasingly important role in grabbing and keeping web visitors’ attention. With ever-increasing internet connection speeds, chances of one or more high-quality photos significantly slowing down your website are becoming less of an issue, while there are clear benefits.

Recent studies have revealed that website visitors are 80% more likely to read a specific piece of content if it is combined with a good quality photo and the likelihood that they will remember what they read is 64% higher.

Good quality images can also boost your website’s search engine rankings. The more visitors enjoy visiting your website, the more they are likely to engage. Search engines love that type of interaction and ‘reward’ such a website for providing visitors with content they like and find useful.

Project management

Depending on the size of your business, building a company website can be anything from a relatively small to a major project. This project has to be managed. Who should have the final say over design decisions? Who will be in charge of photography? Who will make sure the project remains on schedule?

We might be incurring the wrath of some IT guys with this, but we believe that websites should not be a function of IT, but of marketing. The design, content, structure, and photography used on a site should be driven by people whose job it is to know the tastes and preferences of the company’s current and prospective customer base, not information technology specialists.

Of course, the IT department’s role remains crucial. You will need them to successfully put into action the ideas the marketers come up with, and after that to keep the website running smoothly. During the planning stages, the role of IT should be to help carrying out the necessary research and to implement and manage the technology that underpins the firm’s marketing goals.

The bottom line

Building a website involves planning. If you do the groundwork right, chances are much better that the end product will be a success. Think carefully about the topics mentioned above before you take the first step – it could make the difference between success and failure.

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