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Enhancing Your Online Identity

Discover the ideal blend of custom service and DIY simplicity with Two Hours Sleep. Our mission is to deliver personalised web solutions that are both affordable and perfectly aligned with your vision, timeline, and budget.


Custom WordPress and Shopify Solutions

Enjoy hassle-free updates and content management across WordPress and Shopify platforms. Whether it’s a blog or an online store, our tools make website editing straightforward and user-friendly.


Support & Flexibility for Your Web Journey

With a focus on your unique needs, our team combines the personal touch of custom development with the independence of DIY. We’re here to support your web development journey every step of the way, ensuring solutions that truly match your requirements.

Philippe Marr

Director of Two Hours Sleep

Philippe Marr is the founder of Two Hours Sleep, an innovative web development company recognized for its website creation and development services. Philippe launched the company in 2018, under his leadership, Two Hours Sleep earned the 2023 IT Award for the Most Innovative Website Creation and Development Service, highlighting Philippe’s dedication to excellence and innovation in the digital landscape.

Meet the team

Behind every great project at Two Hours Sleep stands a team of visionary developers. Our dedicated crew brings a blend of creativity, expertise, and passion to the forefront, crafting bespoke WordPress and Shopify solutions that elevate your online presence.

Meet the Innovators Behind Two Hours Sleep

Our team at Two Hours Sleep is a blend of creativity, expertise, and passion for web development. Specializing in WordPress and Shopify, we’re committed to delivering top-quality user experiences that align with your vision. Collaborative and client-focused, we turn ideas into tangible solutions. Discover the individuals who make us a leader in web development.

Amy Evans - Featured image

Project Manager

Amy Evans

Adam Puttock - Featured image


Adam Puttock

Charles Falconer - Featured image


Charles Falconer

Luke Clifton - Featured image


Luke Clifton

Nicole Brennan – The Liberation Code

Client Background:

Welcome, Nicole Brennan, to The Liberation Code! As your partner in web development, we’re here to elevate your online presence with cutting-edge solutions. Our mission is simple: to craft digital experiences that captivate and convert. Together, let’s turn your digital aspirations into reality. Ready to start this journey? Let’s make your mark on the digital world.

Design & Project Management:

Sky High Interactive

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Grants Of Sevenoaks

Grants of Sevenoaks specializes in creating bespoke kitchens that blend elegance with functionality. Guided by John Grant, the company tailors each kitchen design to the individual’s lifestyle and tastes, ensuring a unique and personal touch. Their approach combines contemporary and traditional elements, crafted with exceptional attention to detail and craftsmanship. Offering end-to-end project management, Grants of Sevenoaks is dedicated to transforming visions into reality, making each kitchen a centrepiece of the home.

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Nutrition the Natural Way

Meet Dani, the dynamic force behind Nutrition the Natural Way. With a journey fueled by personal triumphs and nearly two decades of immersing herself in the world of health and wellness, Dani’s mission is to dismantle the diet industry’s myths, one success story at a time. Whether you’re battling with weight, hormones, or gut health, Dani’s holistic, evidence-backed approach is all about eating more, stressing less about food, and embracing a lifestyle that’s as nourishing as it is liberating. At Two Hours Sleep, led by Philippe Marr, we had the pleasure of bringing Dani’s vision to life online, creating a space where transformation is not just promised—it’s a given. Ready to redefine your health the natural way? Dani’s got you.

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Ski Savoie Fayre

Meet Jenny, the driving force behind Ski Savoie Fayre, a gem for ski enthusiasts and those looking to immerse themselves in the charm of the French Alps. When Jenny approached us at Two Hours Sleep, she brought with her not just a vision for her website but a passion for the slopes and the unique experiences her business offers. Our collaboration was more than just about building a website; it was about creating a digital gateway to the snowy peaks and cozy firesides of Savoie. As we worked closely with Jenny, her enthusiasm and love for the mountains infused every aspect of the project, making it a truly inspiring journey for us. Dive into skisavoiefayre.com to see how Jenny’s vision came to life, and how, together, we’ve crafted not just a website, but a window into the world of alpine adventures.

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Client Background:

At the heart of 5and5 lies a mission to propel restaurant brands into their digital future. Boasting a seasoned team with over 15 years of combined restaurant industry expertise, strategic marketing prowess, and creative excellence from top-tier agencies, 5and5 stands as a beacon of innovation. Our extensive network within the industry ensures access to the leading software and solution providers, keeping our partners ahead in the digital curve.

In Partnership With:

Two player

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Kimi Culp

Client Background:

At Two Hours Sleep, we had the privilege of working with Kimi Culp, a resilient individual with a powerful story. Our challenge was to translate her journey, from confronting the stigma of bipolar disorder to finding strength in vulnerability, into a digital experience. Using WordPress as our platform, we aimed to create a space where Kimi’s narrative could resonate, inspire, and connect with her audience. The website not only showcases her personal evolution but also stands as a testament to the transformative power of storytelling in the digital age.

Design & Project Management:

Sky High Interactive

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Success Stories:
Real-World Achievements


Our clients’ success is our success. From seamless integrations to inventive designs, our portfolio is filled with real-world achievements that reflect our expertise and commitment.

“They are responsive and worked with you to deliver optimal solutions.”

We collaborate with Two Hours Sleep for the development portion of our custom website projects. Our main goals are to have them build a website based off our designs and add in the ideal functionality to bring this site to feel and be next level. Two Hours Sleep successfully developed a functional website. As a result, the end clients were delighted with the outcome of the platform. They were communicative and responsive in the workflow. Their development skills were critical in the project’s success.

Owner, Rachelpesso.com
Rachel Pesso

“They were people who can critically think and suggest better ways of doing things.”

We partnered with Two Hours Sleep as a primary go-to web development agency. We look for not only one-to-one development results from our designs but also ways to improve functionality, good communication, and effective problem-solving skills. Our clients are always thrilled when they receive their launched website.

Chief Creative Officer, TwoPlayer
Tiffany Zhang

Customer service is wonderful!

Two Hours Sleep work is top notch and their customer service is wonderful. I have really appreciated how accommodating they have been with all of our requests!
Alyssa Glaser

Two Hours Sleep is superb when it comes to website design and development!

The process of developing my website with their team was seamless, collaborative, and the outcome is beyond what I could have imagined at the start. I’m confident that you won’t find a better company for whatever website development you have in mind. They are simply the best!

Psychologist, author, consultant, meditation practitioner

Gia Marson

Most productive relationship I’ve had

Two Hours Sleep have just completed the redesign of a major membership site, and while on the surface it’s a simple website, the complexities of the back-end, and all the communication tools used to talk to the members, makes it a complex and highly efficient site to maintain. I find working with Phil and his experience team one of the most productive relationship I’ve had with such firms in many years, and nothing is ever too much trouble.

Managing Director | John Holland Consultants, Inc. USA

Simon Steel

These guys are G-R-E-A-T

Phil at Two Hours Sleep is, hands down, the best web developer I have ever worked with. His collaborative efforts within our design team improved our overall website comprehensiveness. Phil and Two Hour Sleep always did things the right way – which was hardly ever the easy way. Clean code, responsiveness, and engagement are only a few of the reason I would recommend Two Hours Sleep to anyone looking to design a website or web application. These guys are G-R-E-A-T!

Sleep Wise Consulting

Aaron Pitts

I would highly recommend!

Phil is a dream. I’ve worked with many developers in the past and most of them couldn’t translate the design. Phil is so detail oriented and always builds my website exactly as it’s been designed. The back-ends he creates are so user friendly and allows my team and I to add sections, posts and make small changes as needed. I would highly recommend.

Sarah Jenks


Phil was outstanding with his work, communication, and attention to detail. I would recommend him for web development at the highest level. He’s a fabulous, attentive, expert. We are extremely happy!

Founder and Business Scaling Expert

Carolin Soldo

We’re hiring!

If you feel like your the right fit to join our team. Please send your CV and cover paragraph to: [email protected].

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