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Bespoke Wordpress Development

We code the site based on the values of reusability and flexibility. Everything from changing images/text to making new layouts you can do in the Wordpress admin.


Sell anything from guitar amps and crowdsourced art books to sock subscriptions and motorsports training courses – online. WooCommerce is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web.

Members area

Your content is your greatest asset. If you're an entrepreneur, designer, writer, photographer, or blogger looking to teach your craft online.

Animation +

Animation can add in unexpected delight, and so much more. Mindful animation with your user’s best interest in mind can be a visual cue to draw attention. Full page story based animation that brings a real “wow factor” to your site.

Quiz builder

Engage your audience & Lead Capture. Personalized recommendations can increase sales, and quizzes are the quick and easy way to personalize your online shop.

Sales Pages

A sales page is designed with one purpose in mind: to convert. We normally do this for fast turnarounds. As alway, fully editable build with our values for full Bespoke Wordpress Development.

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Design is art with a purpose. Our purpose is to truly fulfill your aims for your project. A goal decides nothing more than the direction we should take. What we find along the way the problems that we may encounter, Two Hours Sleep will be there to get past them. This approach allows us to never fail to deliver high customer satisfaction.

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Everything from Ecommerce
to Brochure sites


You need a new website that is easy to edit. You appreciate top quality user experience, which is a website that just “feels right”. You want new and creative ideas in design and sales approaches. You need a team that is flexible and organised, and understands that you need to feel in control. You’ve found the right people.

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Industry Clients and Partners

We have set up close links with multiple design agencies such as Night OwlsSkye High Interactive & Stairs Media. We also have connections with many freelance web developers, web designers, illustrators and photographers. This allows us to be more flexible and find the right people that fit your project. But don’t worry we still manage everything for you.

Solutions with big impacts on your business

We build websites from A to Z.