Web Development | 29th August 2023

Meet WordPress 6.3 “Lionel” & Explore the Future of Computing with Two Hours Sleep!

Introducing “Lionel”: WordPress 6.3 Unleashed & the Exciting World of Edge Computing

Hey there from Two Hours Sleep!

We’re thrilled to introduce WordPress 6.3, lovingly named “Lionel” after jazz legend Lionel Hampton. This update is packed with features that make website creation a breeze, whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro. Here’s what’s new:

  • Image Control: Set aspect ratios to keep your designs looking sharp.
  • Focused Designing: The distraction-free mode lets you concentrate on what matters.
  • Smarter Toolbar: The revamped toolbar now includes handy selectors and new functionalities.
  • Drag-and-Drop List View: Organize your content effortlessly.
  • Pattern-Based Templates: Create templates with custom patterns in a snap.
  • PHP Updates: We’re now supporting PHP 7.0.0 and up.
  • Update Safeguards: If an update fails, WordPress will auto-restore to the previous version.

Good news for our maintenance clients: you’ve been seamlessly upgraded to enjoy all these benefits!

Now, let’s talk about something exciting: Edge Computing.

It’s a game-changer in the tech world, bringing data processing closer to where it’s generated. Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • Real-time Processing: Quick analysis and immediate response make it perfect for things like self-driving cars.
  • Applications and Impact: From healthcare to smart cities, edge computing is making waves, optimizing efficiency and responsiveness.

At Two Hours Sleep, we’re always on the lookout for the latest trends and technologies to help you bridge the gap between custom development and DIY platforms. Whether it’s WordPress, Shopify, or the future of computing, we’ve got you covered.