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Allie Van Fossen

Client Background:

When we first connected with Allie Van Fossen, we quickly realized that we were collaborating with a powerhouse in the yoga community. Allie isn’t just another yoga practitioner; she’s a transformative figure with over 800 hours of certified yoga teaching experience. As the visionary founder of the Body Mind Soul Studio and the CEO of a successful six-figure company, she brought a wealth of knowledge and passion to the table.

Our challenge was to encapsulate Allie’s decade-long journey, which began in a simple hot yoga class and evolved into a holistic embrace of yoga’s true essence. This journey saw her transition from a conventional 9-5 role to establishing a global yoga community and business. Alongside her travels and adventures, Allie has cultivated a significant online presence, amassing over 150,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Design & Project Management:

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Easy Editing:

With our unique content management on the WordPress site becomes an intuitive and pleasurable process. This ensures that Allie can effortlessly make changes and updates, keeping her website current and relevant.

Interactive client testimonials

Displaying up-to-date and genuine feedback from Allie’s community in an engaging and eye-catching way, will not only boost Allie’s website’s authenticity but also anchor trust in Allie Van Fossen’s offerings. We designed the platform to immediately draw visitors into these powerful stories, fostering confidence in Allie’s services which seamlessly translates into successful engagements and conversions on our platform.

Content Management:

Understanding the importance of fresh and updated content, we integrated a user-friendly content management system (CMS). This allows Allie to easily update her website’s content without any technical hassles.

Custom WordPress Development:

While there are many DIY website builders available, they often come with limitations. We provided a custom WordPress solution for Allie, ensuring that her website is tailored to her specific needs and vision. This custom approach guarantees that the website not only looks unique but also functions exactly as required.

Mobile-Optimised Slider

We recognise the significance of smooth navigation on mobile platforms, so we built a specially designed responsive slider. This feature ensures that as soon as you land on Allie’s site, you’re presented with a swift preview of the vast services and experiences Allie offers. A simple tap on any part of the slider will lead you to an in-depth page, catering to your quest for detailed information.

Speed and Accessibility

Recognizing the importance of a fast and accessible website, we optimized Alison’s site for speed, ensuring quick load times. Additionally, we adhered to accessibility standards, making her services available to all users, regardless of any disabilities.

Versatility and Affordability

By leveraging the strengths of WordPress, we provided Alison with a versatile and cost-effective solution. Whether it’s a minimalist blog or a complex e-commerce site, our approach bypasses the constraints of typical platforms without the hefty costs associated with custom development agencies.