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Briana Borten

Client Background:

When we embarked on our project with Briana Borten, we were introduced to a spiritual mentor with a remarkable journey of resilience and transformation. Having overcome a significant accident at 18, Briana channeled her experiences into holistic well-being, establishing The Dragontree Holistic Day Spa and later becoming a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist. Our development challenge was to craft a platform that encapsulated her multifaceted journey and her broader initiatives, such as the Coaching Training Program and The Well Life Foundation. Throughout the project, we aimed to mirror Briana’s dedication to holistic transformation and her passion for empowering others, ensuring our digital creation was a true reflection of her profound impact.

Design & Project Management:

Two player

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Animation Enhancements:

To mirror Briana’s dynamic and transformative journey, we incorporated subtle animations into her website. These interactive elements not only elevate the user experience but also resonate with the profound energy and spirit Briana brings to her community.

Content Management Tailored to Briana:

Briana’s content is rich and ever-evolving. To support this, we integrated a robust content management system, allowing her to easily update and refresh her website’s content, ensuring it remains a true reflection of her journey and offerings.

Mobile Development for Briana Borten:

For Briana Borten’s digital platform, we emphasized a mobile-first design approach. Recognizing the diverse devices her audience might use, we ensured her website offers an optimal and consistent viewing experience across all devices, from smartphones to desktops.

Easy Editing for Briana’s Platform:

Understanding Briana’s need for flexibility and real-time updates, we implemented our unique DreamEditor tool for her WordPress site. This ensures that content management becomes an intuitive process, allowing Briana to make changes effortlessly.

Custom WordPress Development for Briana Borten:

Briana’s vision was unique and required a platform that could capture her essence. Moving beyond standard DIY website builders, we provided a custom WordPress solution tailored to Briana’s specific needs, ensuring her website stands out both in design and functionality.