The Business of making websites | 27th November 2020

Chatting Up Google: Crafting Content That Charms Both Humans and Bots

Ever wondered if your words on the web should woo humans or hustle to impress Google? It’s like choosing between baking a cake that looks incredible or one that tastes divine. Spoiler alert: You want the cake that wins hearts with its taste, not just one that’s a feast for the eyes. This is your content conundrum, served with a cherry on top.

Imagine Google as the world’s busiest librarian, handling 3.8 million queries every minute. This librarian isn’t just shuffling books around; she’s on a mission to connect people with the stories, answers, and insights they truly need. Your job? Write those compelling stories.

Now, some folks think they can outsmart this librarian, crafting their tales so they’re picked up more often. But here’s the kicker: Google’s like a wise grandma – she’s seen it all and knows when you’re serving fluff instead of substance. Trying to game the system? You might just end up with a beautiful cake that no one wants to eat.

Google’s algorithm, a secret recipe with over 200 ingredients, isn’t just looking for keywords to match queries. It’s sniffing out the essence of your content, checking if you’re the real deal. It’s like going on a first date and asking, “Are you here for me, or just trying to impress my friends?” Google wants content that’s there for its users, offering a warm, genuine handshake.

“Write like you’re the Shakespeare of the web, not a robot on a keyword spree.” That’s the golden rule. Ever read something so robotic, you could almost hear the gears grinding? That’s not the ticket to readers’ hearts (or Google’s, for that matter). Content that tries too hard to check all the boxes ends up missing the point entirely, like a cake that looks good but tastes like cardboard.

But here’s a comforting thought: When you write something that resonates with humans – something insightful, helpful, or just plain entertaining – you’re already speaking Google’s language. This librarian loves a good story, especially one that people can’t wait to dive into. So, focus on crafting content that your audience will love, and watch as it naturally climbs the ranks in Google’s library.

Remember, the sweet spot lies in creating content that delights your readers. Serve them the cake they can’t resist – the one that has them coming back for seconds. By focusing on what truly matters to your audience, you’re not just winning their hearts; you’re also charming the socks off Google.

So, next time you’re pondering whether to write for humans or for Google, ask yourself: “Am I baking a cake that’s just for show, or one that’ll be the talk of the town for its unforgettable taste?” Aim for the latter, and you’ll find your content celebrated in both the banquet hall of your readers’ minds and the vast library of Google.

As we wrap up this chat, remember: the best content is like a perfect blend of coffee – rich, robust, and irresistible. Write with passion, serve with care, and watch as the world savors every word.

“Craft content that’s a feast for the mind, not just a snack for the search engine.”